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aisle Decor Package

How to dress your aisle

We don’t just want you to walk down the aisle - we want you to experience it. Our aisle decor package has everything you need to make that walk truly unforgettable. We believe every moment should be cherished, especially on your big day, and with our aisle decor package, you can do just that.

Flower - 6.png


  • Choice of 3 backdrops

  • Florals for arbour

  • 14 x Glass vases

  • 14 x Rustic oak blocks

  • 14 x Dried flower bunches

  • 4 x Outdoor rugs

  • 8 x Large wooden displays (filled with pampas candles)

  • 10 x macrame lanterns (optional)

  • URURA ceremony Table (optional)

  • Decor for the ceremony table (optional)

  • 2 x Wooden chairs with macrame drapes (optional)

  • Unlimited email correspondence

  • Digital mock-ups for any personalised items

  • Communication and coordination with the venue

  • Complete set-up and pack down of all decor

  • Styling on the day of your wedding/event

  • + 10% off any Stationery 

The Archway (option 1)

Urura Archway

The Archway: Our wedding arbor has been handmade from reclaimed wood and macrame cord. (bespoke flower arrangement available at additional cost) 

Florals: URURA neutral dried flowers and pampas grass florals. If you have a florist you can add your own florals to this arbor. 

Flower - 6.png
Flower - 6.png
URURA Moments - Cow Shed-066.jpg

Double Triangle

The Archway: Handmade using reclaimed wood. Thes URURA free-standing double-triangle.


Florals: URURA neutral dried flowers and pampas grass florals. If you have a florist you can add your own florals to this arbour (optional) 

The Archway (option 2)

The Archway (option 3)

Large Triangle

The Archway: Handmade using reclaimed wood. The URURA large triangle. 

Florals: URURA neutral dried flowers and pampas grass florals. If you have a florist you can add your own florals to this arbour (optional) 

Flower - 6.png
URURA Moments - Cow Shed-150.jpg
URURA Moments - Walton Gardens-03-min.jpg

Vases & Wooden Blocks

14 x glass vases 

14 x wooden blocks 

14 x dried flower bunches (these can be altered and made bespoke at an additional cost

The Asile

Flower - 6.png

The Asile


3 x outdoor rugs in Grey Beige and Ivory Black. To be used down the isle. 

1 x Rug underneath chosen backdrop/archway

These rugs are optional 

Flower - 6.png
Flower - 6.png
UruraMoments-01348-min (2).jpg

Chairs & Macrame backs

The chairs

2 x wooden chairs with macrame drapes. 

If you'd like to add a table to this set-up and have the chairs and tables offset to the archway please let us know and we can add this in at no additonal cost. 


Wooden Candle Holders 

Up to 10 wooden candle holders. These can be placed at the start of the aisle or around your chosen backdrop/archway. 

These are optional. 

Flower - 6.png
URURA Moments - Cow Shed-062.jpg
Flower - 6.png

Table & Decor


Our ceremony table decor includes vases filled with dried flowers, a cheesecloth table runner and a macrame table runner.


There is also the option to add on an URURA ceremony table.

Cost for aisle decor package: £750

This price is for hiring the items listed above. Which includes setup the day before or day of the event, and pack down the day after the event. 

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*Additional accessories can be added to your package at an extra cost - take a look at 'additional items' under decor. If you have something you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll work with you to create your dream decor.

Please read the terms & conditions before booking a package.


Macrame Lanterns

Up to 10 macrame lanterns. 

These are optional and dependant on the venue and if there is somewhere the lanterns can hang from. 

Flower - 6.png

We're so excited

"We’re so excited URURA Moments are going to be part of our big day. As soon as I saw their wedding archway I fell in love. The rest of the decor that’s in their package is going to fit perfectly in with our bohemian-themed wedding. They’ve been great at communicating and organising our day. Thank you, Jack & Gee"

- Joe & Megan 

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