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Meet the team behind URURA Moments

A story of creativity

Hey, we're Jack and Gee, the founders of URURA Moments. Jack is an artist who uses reclaimed wood to create beautiful bespoke artwork and furniture. Gee is a macrame enthusiast with a background in graphic design. We love being surrounded by nature, immersed in the ocean, and spending time on the coast with our dog Maui. Together we design, build and collect all the aspects of URURA Moments. 

Jack and Gee from URURA Moments with Wedding Decor at Walton Garden Cheshire Wedding Venue

why we started

We're doing things differently 

URURA Moments is dedicated to creating beautiful memories and helping you make a difference! Our handcrafted decor, invites and more are made with sustainability in mind. We’re determined to be part of the solution for plastic waste – one wedding at a time! Let's work together towards making your special day meaningful - both now & into the future.

Meet Jack

A lover of great craftmanship

Jack is a creative woodworker and will be on-site to set up on the day of your event. Jack has developed his own unique style of working with reclaimed wood and can also create bespoke artwork or decor for you to keep, as a remember your special day. As a young child, Jack was fascinated with his grandfather's craftsmanship, the passion for woodworking has been passed down through family generations.

Sketching our designs for handmade wedding decor in woodwork workshop Lymm Cheshire

Meet Gee

A lover of great design

Gee is a macrame-making enthusiast and has been a graphic designer and photographer for 8 years. Gee will help you create beautifully designed, bespoke wedding stationery, she'll be there to help style the wedding decor and she also hosts the workshops. Gee loves any adventurous ideas you've got to make your wedding stand out. 

Jack and Gee from URURA Moments Boho Wedding Decor Company

"When Jack & Gee work together you can see their excitement and passion. URURA Moments perfectly combines Jack's woodworking skills and his creativity when it comes to building just about anything, with Gee's macrame pieces, and the love she has for hosting workshops. They're both positive, approachable individuals who just want to help create beautiful moments for people to remember." 

- Theresa

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