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A Cake Stand is Essential for a Perfect Wedding Reception

The wedding cake stand is one of the most important elements of your reception. It is the centre stage for many of the pictures you will be taking as well as the centrepiece of your dessert display. Choosing a good spot for your wedding cake stand can make or break your overall reception design - so let’s go over why it’s important to find just the right place.

The Right Location is Key

When deciding where to put your cake stand, think about how people will naturally move and flow in and around your venue. You want to make sure that guests can easily access the cake while still allowing plenty of room for everyone to mingle and have fun. It could also be a great idea to place the table near an open space like a dance floor so that everyone can gather around when it comes time to cut the cake. Do you have other desserts on display? If so, make sure that there is enough room between them and the cake stand to give each dessert its own space. This way, no one has to worry about crowding or accidentally bumping into someone else's dessert!

Adding Your Personal Touch

The best part about finding a good spot for your wedding cake is that you can use it as an opportunity to add more personal touches to your reception! For example, if you are having an outdoor reception, consider placing some flower arrangements near the base of your cake stand or even hanging some string lights above it. This will not only draw attention but will also provide additional texture and depth in photos taken during this special moment. You can even get creative with what type of stand you use - different shapes, sizes, colours - all these choices allow you a great deal of flexibility when designing your perfect wedding scene!

And that’s where we come in! We have a range of backdrops perfect for making your cake stand out and wowing your guests. From our handmade curved boards to our dried flowers and wicker lanterns hanging display. We also have a handmade URURA table which is perfect for displaying your cake.

So if you’re looking for the perfect place to display your cake, check out our decor, or if you have an idea in mind, drop us a message - we love to get creative and bring your ideas to life.


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